Nowadays, people seem more cautious about their health than they used to be before. Normal tea, coffee, cold drinks, soda and other beverage manufacturing brands have got billions of customers within the last few decades.

The users were thinking that they are adopting a modern lifestyle and that’s why nobody had considered the side-effects of those beverages. Now many life-threatening diseases are affecting the healthy lifestyle of mankind. Fortunately, you can prevent yourself from those diseases and live a healthy life, if you replace unhealthy beverages like coffee and normal tea with the Matcha green tea.

Matcha Universe x My Fantasy Tea- Organic Vegan Healthy Matcha

They call Matcha a little miracle due to its fascinating green hue, types of uses, and its delicious taste. This green tea gains some unique properties because it is grown in the shades during the last quarter before harvesting. Reduced photosynthesis boosts the count of amino acid in the Matcha plant and offers a unique flavor to this tea.

This tea had become an important beverage in the Japanese tea ceremony during the 12th century and still it is an integral part of the Japanese culture. It is renowned for improving mood, repairing metabolism, reducing bad cholesterol levels, and reducing blood pressure. There are several amazing ways of using Matcha green tea powder. The best 11 ways are explained in this post.  

  1. Coconut Matcha Horchata:

Why don’t you try a new recipe to prepare the Horchata? The Matcha tea can improve the deliciousness and the nutrient count of the regular Harchata. No, there are not so many things changed in the new recipe of the Harchata. Just make sure, that you will add green tea with other ingredients and then take it. A perfect mix of creamy coconut and the delicious Machata green tea would be ideal for your health. You will get the benefits of both ingredients and enjoy this new taste of Harchata.

  1. The Matcha Smoothie:

You may find it strange, but the health experts say you should take green tea smoothies to consume a large quantity of nutrients. The Matcha tea is a great source of catechins and it also offers a number of other nutrients like antioxidants, healthy acids, etc. You can take it as a smoothie, if you don’t like to take the tea in the morning.

Take a blender bottle and put one frozen banana, 1 cup almond milk, 2 teaspoon Matcha tea along with 1 teaspoon honey. Now blend all the ingredients to prepare an ideal smoothie. Not take the blender bottle out of the blender and drink it. You would like the taste of this Matcha smoothie.

  1. Matcha banana bread:

You may find it something new, but it can certainly improve the taste of your breakfast. The banana bread looks normal, but it comes with a delicious taste and a bundle of nutrients. Some individuals may find the banana bread’s taste different because it is not as famous as other forms of bread. However, you can improve its taste and health benefits by preparing it with the Matcha green tea. All you have to do is include 2 tsp Matcha green tea in the main Recipeof preparing the banana bread. Prepare the bread and then try it. You would certainly like the taste and it will also be beneficial for your health.

  1. Matcha Popcorns:

Are you bored of eating the same flavor’s popcorn time and again? Try the Matcha Popcorns, if the answer is yes. This type’s popcorns are quite easy to prepare in the kitchen and these are also healthier than other type’s popcorns. You can prepare this recipe by using some easily available ingredients in your kitchen. You need 1 tablespoon coconut oil, 1 tablespoon sugar, 1 tablespoon Matcha green tea, and ½ tablespoon popcorn kernels.

Take the coconut oil in a large cooking pan and heat it on the maximum heat. Once the oil is hot, include the sugar and the popcorn in hot coconut oil. Now cover the cooking pan with lid and reduce the heat to cook the popcorn. Cover it until the popping sound stopped and then take the popcorns out of the pan. Now spread the Matcha green tea over the popcorns. Stir the popcorns for a few minutes to coat them evenly with the green tea. Now serve the hot popcorns to your friends and enjoy its taste.

  1. Matcha Yokan:

All the Japanese people love to have the Yokan dish. It is quite a famous sweet dish, which is prepared from bean paste, agar, and some other flavoring ingredients. It is served as a dessert at parties and family events and it seems simply awesome. You can change the flavor of this Japanese cuisine and turn it into a healthy dessert by using the Matcha green tea. Many people have tried to mix the beans with green tea and ultimately they have prepared a superfood for their hangout. The recipe is quite simple and you would love to cook it at home.

  1. Coconut Matcha Doughnuts:

The coconut flour and Match green tea play a key role in improving the deliciousness of this type’s doughnuts. These are healthy and you would love to have them in the breakfast as morning pastries. All the ingredients would be vegan and the recipe is quite simple, so you may like to cook it daily in the morning. You can find the cooking recipe online and you can replace some nonveg ingredients like egg with other ingredients to keep it vegetarian.

  1. Matcha Ice Cream:

It is something that all of you would love to try. It does not matter that it is summer or not. What matters is your health and the Matcha ice cream is really a healthy treat for all the seasons. It is a type of green tea ice cream, which Japanese people love so much.

The availability of the Matcha powder has increased recently. So, preparing this ice cream at home may seem like a tough task. There are several Matcha Ice Cream recipes on the internet. You can find both simple and difficult recipes. It depends on you that what flavor and ingredients you like to use in preparing the Matcha Iced tea.

  1. Matcha Yogurt Breakfast Mix:

The Matcha powder has quickly gained a huge fame within the last few years. Today, many chefs are trying to introduce a new Matcha recipe that can help the cooking lovers in improving the taste of their breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The Matcha Yogurt Breakfast Mix is a simple and amazing green tea recipe. You need 2/3 cup yogurt (the Greek yogurt would be a great choice due to its protein count), 1 teaspoon finely ground Matcha powder, honey to enhance the taste, 1 peeled orange, a handful amount of walnuts, almonds and pecans (chopped).

Take the yogurt in a mixing bowl or jug and stir it. Now mix the Matcha powder over it and then add honey to improve the taste. Now whisk this mix for a few minutes to mix all the ingredients properly. Now pour the mix in a bowl and then spread chopped walnuts, almonds and pecans over the Matcha Yogurt mix. It will taste delicious and you would like to have it daily in the morning.

  1. Matcha Ice Cream Sandwich:

We have recently endorsed the delicious Matcha Ice Cream in this list. Probably, you may have found a few great Matcha Ice Cream recipes on the internet. Try any of those recipes to prepare a healthy and delicious ice cream. Once the ice cream is ready, try to have it in a different way. Take your favorite cookies and place the ice cream between two cookies to prepare it like a sandwich. The waffle cookies or oatmeal cookies would taste great, if you want to improve the deliciousness of the sandwich. Follow the instructions, prepare the sandwich, and then have it. You would love the combination of Matcha ice cream and oatmeal cookies.

  1. Matcha Coconut Latte:

Yes, you are thinking right. Preparing the Matcha coconut latte is super easy. This recipe requires only two ingredients along with some sweetener, if you like to add in the recipe. There is no expensive equipment or special cooking skills required. However, you can think about buying a special Matcha whisk that looks really impressive. The recipe is explained below:

You need 1 tsp cooking grade Matcha tea powder, ¼ cup hot water, ¼ cup lukewarm coconut milk and sweetener, if you want to improve the deliciousness of the latte. You should whisk the Matcha tea powder so that it can remain lump-free and ideal to use in the recipe. Now pour the Matcha green tea in a large mug and then add hot water with lukewarm coconut milk in it. Now whisk the whole solution carefully in up-down motion. Taste the latte after one minute and add some more quantity of water or sweetener, if the taste is not ideal according to you. This is how you can prepare the Matcha Coconut Latte.

  1. Matcha Pancakes:

Easy to cook, tastes delicious, and looks awesome, the pancakes are the must have cuisines in the American homes. However, everybody cannot consume it. The pancakes are sweet and contain a large amount of calories that people avoid to take during the dietary period. Of course, you should not eat pancakes if you are planning to lose fat, but you must eat the Matcha pancakes to boost up the fat burning process. The recipe of preparing this type’s pancake is given below, which you can try anytime at your home.

You need 1/3 cup milk, 1 egg, 2 tbsp vegetable oil or you can also try the melted butter, 2 tbsp sugar, ½ cup flour, ½ teaspoon vanilla extract, 1 tbsp Matcha powder, 1-1/2 tsp baking powder and salt to taste.

First take a large bowl and pour milk, egg, melted butter, vanilla extract, and sugar in it. Whisk all the ingredients and then add the flour along with the baking powder, Matcha powder, and a pinch of salt. Whisk all the ingredients at least for 10 minutes. Whisk it until the batter gets lumpy. Now place a skillet on the gas range over medium-low heat. Spread some vegetable oil in the skillet and let it get hot. Now flip the pancakes and cook it for a few minutes and then flip over to cook it from the other side. Serve it, once it is cooked and ready. You would like the taste of Matcha pancakes and it will offer better health benefits than normal pancakes.

Include Matcha in your daily diet to follow a healthy lifestyle:

As you can see, we have listed various great recipes that include Matcha green tea as a key ingredient. There are many other recipes and you can also try some experiments with this green tea in your kitchen. It is sure that Matcha will improve the taste and reduce the health risks.

Studies show that green tea is one of the healthiest ingredients you can try to improve your fitness. Matcha is probably the best form of green tea because it contains more nutrients than many other forms of green tea. The Japanese people are consuming Matcha from a long time. They look healthier than other people because of their healthy eating habits. You should also replace your coffee, tea, and smoothies with Matcha green tea and smoothies. Soon you will experience the changes in your health and those changes would be positive.

It is now available all around the globe, so buy it and take it:

The Matcha green tea is available across the globe. You can buy it online and then you can use it to prepare any of the above listed recipes.

All the endorsed recipes are easy to prepare and you will hardly spend 10-15 minutes in your kitchen to prepare a delicious Matcha cuisine. Now you have a chance of consuming Matcha daily, which is delicious, healthy, and easily available in the online market. So, try it and live a healthy life.

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