The search for the superfoods has increased within the last few decades. The number of patients, who are suffering from life threatening diseases, has increased quite rapidly. You can say that increased pollution and unhealthy lifestyle is responsible for those dangerous diseases, but what you can do to prevent them?

matcha universe by the jacque allen x my fantasy tea x Heal Yeahh Juice company

Waiting to see the worst consequences of the disease is not a good idea. Some small changes can help you in making a big difference. It is you, who can prevent every bad thing and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Let’s start the changes with Matcha. It is a green tea that can lead you towards a healthy diet and also help you in fighting several dangerous health issues.

Why Matcha is the best green tea for a healthy life?

This matcha green tea has earned a huge fame over the last few years. It is the regular tea of the Japanese people and they also serve it in their traditional tea ceremonies. Hence, it was delicious and rich in nutrients, soon it has grabbed the attention of health conscious people. Today, it is the main ingredient in many superfood recipes. People are replacing coffee and their regular matcha tea with Matcha and experiencing the health benefits. It can solely improve your health and help you in a quick recovery, if you are fighting with terrible diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and cholesterol.

Matcha Universe x My Fantasy Tea- Organic Vegan Healthy Matcha

There are only a few ingredients, which offer a large quantity of the nutrients. The studies show that the Matcha leaf is full of nutrients. You can take one cup of this green tea and consume 137 times more nutrients in comparison to other green teas. Of course, the nutrient count would be much better than the regular tea. The health experts say that 1 cup of Matcha green tea is equal to 10 cups of regular tea. In simple words, you can say that this green tea is the powerhouse of nutrients and antioxidants and that’s why you should take it daily.

An overview of Matcha’s health benefits:

We have discussed many health benefits of this green tea and now is the time to dig deeper into Whisk Matcha’s performance as a disease fighting ingredient. So, take a look of the health benefits listed below.

  • Matcha is called the powerhouse of antioxidants because it offers a bulk quantity of antioxidants like EGCG.
  • This green tea is great to boost the weight loss process because it improves the performance of the metabolic system and thus it helps you in burning extra calories fast.
  • It is a natural detoxifier that boosts detoxification process.
  • This green tea offers a rich quantity of fiber, vitamins, and chlorophyll.
  • It maintains your calmness and relaxes your mind.
  • It is a great ingredient to maintain good mood and improve the concentration.
  • It improves the performance of the immune system and helps you in living a disease free life.
  • This green tea offers selenium, vitamin C, magnesium and zinc.
  • It can help you in reducing the cholesterol and blood sugar levels fast.

As you can check, Matcha has everything that your body needs. It is a natural ingredient that provides a number of nutrients to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, you must replace the regular tea with this amazing green tea.

The Matcha tea and antioxidants:

The antioxidants are probably the most regarded nutrients nowadays. These are naturally developed chemical compounds in the human body that help us in fighting chronic diseases and aging process. People are searching for new fruits and vegetables that can offer a bulk supply of antioxidants.

The dietary experts have found many fruits and vegetables, but different ingredients provide different types’ antioxidants. It is obvious that Matcha is superior to all the other ingredients because it is packed with several health promoting nutrients. Some recently conducted researches show that this green tea provides many antioxidants that can help you in curing deadliest diseases like stroke, heart disease, diabetes, cholesterol and some others.

The health experts are quite obsessed with the nutritional properties of the Matcha green tea. A study was conducted at the Tufts University to evaluate Matcha through the ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) method. The researchers had come out with a report in which they had stated that Matcha’s ORAC is 20 times better than blueberries and pomegranates. This green tea had shown ORAC rating of 1573 units per gram. It is quite larger than the 105 units per gram of pomegranates and 93 units per gram of blueberries. These facts are enough to amaze any health conscious person.

Why Matcha is better than the loose leaf teas?

People do not care about what they consume and how it causes good effects and bad effects over their physique. People remove several essential antioxidants and minerals every day. They don’t consume enough nutrients to meet the regular requirement of their body. Green tea is considered the best to consume essential amino acids, antioxidants, minerals and other nutrients. Therefore, people buy the loose leaf green tea to consume lots of nutrients. You may find it weird, but you may throw a large quantity of nutrients with used leaves of the tea. The hot water extracts a very moderate quantity of the nutrients and that’s why you don’t get enough to get healthy quickly.  

The best way of consuming all the nutrients of the green tea is consuming the whole tea leaf. Do not take it like we are suggesting you to start consuming the green tea leaves. You don’t need to do that because you can buy Matcha as green tea powder. The producers sell Matcha tea’s powder, which is prepared by grinding the green tea leaves. You consume all the essential nutrients of Matcha as you take a sip of this green tea. It offers amino acids, vitamins, antioxidants and several minerals that go directly into your body. Its delicious taste lures the users and that’s how people replace their regular tea or coffee with Matcha.

Why Matcha is a great dietary beverage for the cancer patients?

Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases that has killed millions of people till the date. The cure is available now, but still millions of people are fighting this deadly disease. You may get amazed, but it is true that Matcha can help you in fighting cancer and getting cured quickly. It contains a unique class of antioxidant, which is called catechins. This class of antioxidants is not found in other ingredients and Matcha is the only source of this antioxidant. The Catechin EGCg is considered the best antioxidant to fight cancer and that’s why this green tea is a great beverage to prevent cancer.  

It was found in the researches that EGCg along with other catechins fight against the severe effects of free radicals that occur due to UV rays, pollution, radiation, and chemicals. These can easily cause DNA damage and cell damage and therefore you should consume Matcha to improve the count of Catechins in your body. Above 60% Catechins of Matcha are EGCg and daily two cups of Matcha will ensure that you will never suffer with the severe effects of cancer because there would be EGCg in your body to counterattack the severe effects of cancer causing elements.  

Should you take Matcha tea to burn body fat?

Matcha is a calorie free green tea and it is rich in nutrients, which your body needs to maintain a perfect shape. You should consider it as an important beverage of your weight loss program because it will help you in losing extra weight fast. Just like other forms of green tea, Matcha boosts the performance of your body’s metabolic system. You will be able to burn body fat quickly, if the metabolic system is working fine. Studies also show that Matcha green tea helps you in burning body fat four times faster than other weight loss ingredients.

The fat people try several organic and non-organic products to lose extra weight. Many individuals join the fitness clubs and pay an expensive amount as fees so that they can get a proper diet program and guidance to lose body fat fast. There is no need to do so, if you are consuming Matcha tea. There are no side-effects of Matcha. It means your body will be fit and there will be no adverse effects like body stress, increase in heart rate or blood pressure, etc. Matcha will improve overall fitness of your body and you will look awesome.

A report was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition according to which Matcha improves the levels of thermogenesis at least 35%. Thermogenesis is the human body’s rate of burning consumed calories. Consequently, you get more energy because your body burns extra calories, stored in the form of fat. You never feel tired, eat less and enjoy the healthy life by eating whatever you want.

Matcha improves your concentration power:

The Matcha green tea has been consumed by the Japanese and the Chinese people for a long time. The Japanese are using it as an aid for meditation practice and many monks in the oriental culture have maintained their strength by taking this tea. According to the ancient texts, this green tea was a great medium of maintaining calm and alertness. In fact, the modern science also confirms that Matcha is actually beneficial to maintain concentration and improve the alertness. This green tea contains nutrients like L-Theanine, which is a renowned acid for improving the relaxation and proper functioning of the human brain.

The L-Theanine substance produces the alpha waves that help in fighting the beta waves produced by the beta waves of stress. Ultimately, you get a relaxed mind, better alertness and consciousness of the mind. The dietary experts know that L-Theanine is a common nutrient in most of the teas, but Matcha offers five times more quantity of L-Theanine in comparison to other green teas and regular teas. You can get L-Theanine in a great quantity if you consume Matcha green tea on a regular basis and make it your regular morning beverage.

Matcha as a detoxifier:

You get Matcha in the form of green powder. Green is a natural color that is considered as the symbol of good health. The researches show that Matcha green tea is a great detoxifier. It helps you in detoxifying many harmful elements. It contains chlorophyll, which is an essential element that offers the luxuriant color to the tea and plants. This element helps you in removing all the toxins out of your body, which may be chemicals and heave metals that may affect your physique. The farmers grow this green tea in the shades to prevent abuse of its nutrients. You get this green tea with all the required nutrients and therefore there is no chance of side-effects and other harmful effects.


Matcha Universe x My Fantasy Tea- Organic Vegan Healthy Matcha

Matcha’s performance as an energy booster beverage:

Nobody expects from a green tea to boost the energy levels, but Matcha green tea helps in it. This is one of its kind that offers several health benefits that you cannot get from other green teas. It boosts the energy levels and on a daily basis. Matcha is a green tea that contains a great quantity of caffeine. For a long time researchers have thought it is caffeine, but actually it is a combination of this green tea’s natural nutrients. This green tea improves the natural endurance levels at-least 24%, if you take it on a regular basis.

It does not matter that you are on a diet, training in the gym, or trying to reduce weight. The regular intake of the Matcha green tea will help you in burning extra calories, producing more energy, fighting deadliest diseases like cancer, diabetes, stroke, and depression. Matcha is the only researched ingredient that contains such a large quantity of the antioxidants and provides several health promoting nutrients. So, you must take it rather than taking coffee or regular tea.

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