Matcha Universe tea is ground from Japanese tea leaves. whereas tea is thought to own multiple advantages, Matcha tea is according to own up to 10 times a lot of efficiencies than it’s slightly less tea relative.

whereas drinking Matcha tea you're ingesting 100 percent of the leaf of the tea and its associated nutrients, and Matcha tea has over 137 times a lot of nutrients than simply tea. A cup of Matcha is adequate to ten cups of tea with respect to biological process content. the value that's purchased the exaggerated nutrients is, however, an exact decrease in the style.

Matcha tea is kind of sturdy and like all things inexperienced, whereas terribly helpful in terms of biological process content the style leaves abundant to be desired. That said,

Matcha Tea:

  • Detoxifies the body
  • Calms the mind
  • Lowers steroid alcohol
  • Aids focussed, memory and concentration
  • Contains ample amounts of metallic element, Cr, and Mg
  • Has an unbelievable and unequaled quantity of antioxidants
  • Boosts the system
  • Aids in weight loss
  • Contains Catechin EGCg, the foremost potent of anti-oxidants, that area unit legendary anti-carcinogens

How to Prepare Matcha tea Powder

There area unit such a big amount of ways that to use matcha tea from drinking to baking! we'll cowl thoroughly the way to build matcha tea powder as a tea with or while not a bamboo whisk then conjointly share with you different inventive uses!

Preparation Of Matcha

FULL production directions for creating ONE BOWL OF MATCHA inexperienced TEA!

What you would like to form matcha…

  • Organic Matcha (Organic Matcha).
  • A Matcha Bowl (Chawan).
  • A Bamboo Matcha Whisk (Chasen).
  • A Bamboo Matcha Scoop (Chashaku).
  • A Linen tablecloth (Chaikin).
  • A Matcha sieve (Furui).
  • A cup.
  • Thermometer

Brewing Suggestion...

Our production suggestions for getting ready each usucha (thin matcha) and koicha (thick matcha) area unit are shown below. Please note, you cannot build koicha matcha from associate degree usucha matcha, therefore please certify you recognize which kind of match you've got before getting ready it.

additionally, there area unit different slightly completely different variations of getting ready usucha and koicha that you just might have learned and luxuriated in victimization. If so, please be at liberty to use that methodology instead.


Preheat the matcha bowl by filling it regarding 1/3 full with the quandary. Then place the whisk facing down into the new water to wet the ideas of the prongs (not the entire whisk!). Once the bowl has totally preheated,

empty out the water and dry the bowl out ideally with a material like a chain. Set the whisk aside then measure 70ml/2.3oz for Usucha, or 40ml/1.3oz for Koicha of quandary into a cup and leave it to chill.


Use the bamboo scoop to live the matcha powder, regarding a pair of scoops for Usucha, or 3-4 scoops for Koicha, and place it into the bowl. Note, separation the matcha before measure out the match is extremely judicious to get rid of any clumps of powder.


Once the water that was measured go in STEP one drops to 70°C(158°F)-80°C(176°F) pour it into the matcha bowl.


Take the whisk in one hand and hold the rim of the matcha bowl along with your different hand. For Usucha, whisk the matcha briskly during a W motion victimization your wrist joint (not arm) till the matcha includes a thick froth with many little bubbles on the surface. For Koicha,

the thought isn't to form a frothy consistency with a quick whisking action like usucha. Instead, a slower kneading action from left to right, up and down, and a delicate 360 degree rotating action as shown within the image (to the left) will be wont to build a thick consistency. The ensuing tea ought to be moderately thick, swish and while not froth

How to build Matcha tea Powder while not a Bamboo Whisk

  • Place 1/4 teaspoon of matcha into a cup and add a splash of hot (not boiling) water

  • Using your spoon combine totally to get rid of any lumps of matcha (it’s straightforward to use the edges of the teacup to help with this)

  • Top up with a lot of quandary for a hot drink or iced water associate degreed ice for an iced matcha tea. Enjoy!

How to build Matcha tea Powder with a Bamboo Whisk

Place one level scoop (or 1/4 teaspoon) of matcha into the lowest of a good teacup or bowl and hack the powder victimization the ends of the whisk

Add a tiny low dash of the quandary (2 tablespoons) & whisk totally during a “W” motion for regarding five seconds till the match is well mixed.

Top up with a lot of quandary for a hot drink or iced water associate degreed ice for an iced matcha tea. Enjoy!

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