Matcha Universe x My Fantasy Tea- Organic Vegan Healthy Matcha



Matcha is a green tea. It is getting famous all around the world for its nutritional features, color, and unique taste. Many people say it is a Japanese tea, but it actually belongs to China. The Chinese have been using this green tea since the 12th century and still it is famous in China.

However, most of the Japanese love this green tea because it is served in the traditional Japanese ceremonies. The Japanese people whisk this green tea and serve it in the Tatami-floored teahouse during the ceremony. So, you can say that the Japanese have adverted Matcha and its health benefits to the world.

The way of preparing Matcha is slightly different from the ways of preparing other types’ teas. You may like to buy special utensils to prepare this tea. You should ignore everything, but not the Matcha whisk or “Chasen”. This little bamboo made whisk looks impressive, but it is very essential to prepare the Matcha green tea.

Matcha Universe x My Fantasy Tea- Organic Vegan Healthy Matcha

You can also prepare this green tea by applying regular team making recipes. There is no problem in that, but try the whisk and the Japanese method. The whisk will help you in improving the taste of Matcha tea. We have explained everything regarding how to prepare perfect Matcha and how to use the whisk so that new Matcha users can learn quickly. Follow the recipe.

The best Matcha recipe with Chasen “whisk”:

Some people like hot tea and some people like the ice tea. You can prepare both types’ teas by using Matcha green tea. Obviously, the methods are different and the taste would also be different. This green tea is quite healthy and renowned for its distinct taste, so follow the recipe carefully to achieve the real flavor of Matcha tea.

Ingredients you need:

  • Matcha green tea:

Do not make a mistake of considering Whisk Matcha an ordinary green tea. It is grown, cropped, and prepared in a different way and you get it as green powder. The growers grow this green tea in the shades before harvesting. It is steamed after harvesting and then dried. Later the growers ground it into fine powder and thus you get it on the market. The growers put the plants into shade as they start budding. It is important to provide Matcha its delicious taste and also to increase the nutrient count.

It should not be tough for you to find the Matcha tea in the grocery stores. The demands for this green tea are increasing day-by-day and the retailers know it. Matcha would be available in your town, if there are people of the Japanese community in your city. If not, then you should get it online. There are many brands that sell this green tea all around the globe. You can find a good brand online and then buy this tea at affordable prices. It will be a special ingredient in your kitchen because there are many Matcha baked recipes, which you would love to try in your kitchen.

  • Water:

People don’t get worried about what kind of water they are using to prepare the tea, but it matters a lot. You must check that you are chlorinated water or NON chlorinated water. Normal water is heated in an iron pot, when the traditional tea ceremony held in the Japanese community. Some may say that you should heat water over a specific type of heater, but forget it. Use your gas range to heat the water and remove the pan before the water reaches to boiling temperature.  

  • Extra ingredients:

The Matcha green tea would be quite beneficial for your health, if you take it raw without any sweetener or other ingredients. However, it may taste slightly bitter and that’s why you should take it with honey or lemon. Take one teaspoon honey or squeeze a slice of lemon to improve the taste of this green tea. You can also include sugar powder to make it sweet and reduce the bitterness of Matcha. People are trying several experiments with this green tea and you should also try something unique and healthy.

Special equipment needed to prepare Matcha:

The Japanese seem quite choosy about the equipment that use to prepare the tea. They use a special tea bowl to prepare the Matcha during the ceremonial events, but you don’t need to get worried about it. You can still get a delicious taste, if you prepare it in a normal tea bowl. However, it should be large enough to allow you whisking the tea properly. It should be wide, sturdy, and attractive if you want. You can find many tea pots in the market, which you can use to prepare this green tea. There is no need to buy one, if you already have a teapot in your kitchen.

You can use any kind of teapot to prepare Matcha, but the Matcha whisk or Chasen is an important equipment. It is essential because it helps you in whisking and brewing this green tea effectively. Some of you may think about using the electric latte aerator, but that’s not built to whisk Matcha. Hence, this green tea is going to be your favorite morning beverage, get a Chasen and use it as a whisk. It is prepared from bamboo and it looks quite impressive. You can buy it online at very affordable prices, so get it along with the tea.

Preparing Matcha:

The recipe is pretty simple. Gather all the ingredients and equipments on the table top in your kitchen and put the kettle over the gas range. Pour the water in required quantity and then boil it. Remove the kettle as the water reaches boiling temperature. Now take the Matcha green tea powder in the bowl and then pour water in that bowl. Now you need the whisk. Start whisking this green tea until the bubbles appear. Start whisking slowly and then improve the speed. Whisk for at-least one minute so that your green tea can gain light green color. Now strain the tea and serve it in a cup. That’s how Matcha is prepared and it takes only a few minutes. You can add some additional ingredients like honey or lemon, if you want to improve the taste.

If you are not in the mood of taking hot tea, then you can try the Iced Matcha recipe. It is easier than the hot tea recipe. All you need is Matcha green tea, cold water, and ice cubes. First of all, sift the green tea through a strainer in a bowl. One or two tsp would pretty enough for two people. Now pour cold water in sifted Matcha and then whisk it. Use the Chasen to whisk this green tea because thus you can prepare a perfect blend. Now take some ice cubes in a glass and then pour tea in that glass. You can add an additional sweetener, if you want a sweet ice tea. Now take it and enjoy its unique taste.

Both recipes of preparing Matcha green tea are very simple. You will learn how to prepare a perfect tea within a day and then you can replace your regular beverages like coffee or tea with Matcha.

Taking care of Matcha whisk or Chasen:

It would be a part of your daily life, when you will buy a Chasen to prepare Matcha. It can be easily available in the online market. You will have to search it in the local markets, to buy the right whisk. The Japanese Chasen is prepared from natural material. The manufacturers use bamboo to prepare a perfect Chasen.

It is not treated with any kind of chemical because it goes into hot water as a whisk. It should be handmade like the Japanese use. Thus, you will get a perfect whisk that can last for a very long time. It looks attractive, but it is also quite fragile. Mold may develop over this whisk if you don’t take proper care. So, pay attention to how to take care of Matcha Whisk.

Soak it before using:

As a new user, you may think about dipping Chasen directly into the green tea, but wait. First of all, you need to soak it up before whisking. Take one cup hot water in a bowl and put the chasen in that hot water for a few seconds. Make sure that the outer and the central curls of the Chasen are dipped perfectly into the water. You should repeat this procedure daily before using the whisk.

Do not apply too much force to whisk Matcha:

As mentioned earlier in this article, you will have to whisk the Matcha quickly to brew it. You should increase the speed, but that does not mean that you will apply more force. There may be clumps in the green tea and we whisk it to remove those clumps. The best way of removing clumps is whisking the tea with light hands. Don’t push the whisk towards the bottom of the bowl. Keep it slightly up and move it quickly. Thus, you will see that there are no clumps in the tea after a few seconds.

Clean the whisk after using it:

The Matcha Chasen is prepared from bamboo. The bamboo is a natural material and it chases mold quite fast. So, it is your responsibility to prevent Chasen from mold. The best way of preventing mold is keeping the whisk clean. Pour one cup hot water in the bowl, once you have taken the tea. Now put the whisk into the hot water, like you had done before whisking the tea. Let it get dipped in hot water. Now whisk it fast so that all the impurities get removed. Now take the chasen out of water and let it dry.  

Chasen will get dry quickly at room temperature during the summer season, but the moisture is quite harmful for this Matcha tool. You should put it in the open space below the fan for a few minutes so that the water can get removed. The mold will affect it, if the water is not removed properly. There would be no mold and the chasen will remain fine, if you clean it and dry it after every use.

Why Matcha Chasen is better than Milk Frother?

You will have to spend $10-$15, if you want to buy the Japanese Chasen to whisk Matcha. Of course, there would be some whisking tools in your kitchen that can work for you. You may not buy a Matcha whisk because you have a milk frother in your kitchen. Get matcha in a bowl and try to whisk it with the frother. A lot of liquid will be out of the bowl as you will turn on the frother. This is the issue with normal whisks and frothers.

The Matcha whisk or chasen was built especially to whisk this green tea. The Japanese are using it for a long time. It is considered as the most important tool, when the Japanese tea ceremonies are organized. You may not organize such a ceremony at your home, but you will still need the Matcha whisk. It will help you in preparing Matcha in a perfect way. There will be no mess on the table top, green tea’s taste would be awesome, and you will get the best taste of the tea.

Little things can improve your tea’s taste:

Making a tea is not a big deal. Anyone can prepare the tea and serve it. People take several cups of coffee and tea in a day and never care about how is it prepared. You should care about it, when you are taking Matcha.

This green tea offers a bulk of nutrients and you can get the best taste, if you follow the recipe, whisk the tea carefully, and use the Chasen. These small things can make a big difference between a delicious Matcha tea and bad Matcha tea. So, be careful, follow the instruction, and get a delicious cup of Matcha daily.  

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