Matcha Universe x My Fantasy Tea- Organic Vegan Healthy Matcha


Matcha VS Green Tea for Weight Loss

The Matcha tea is the finest green tea one can drink to experience a wide range of health benefits. Of course, it is the best and it fights several health issues. For many people it does not matter that Matcha fights cancer, cholesterol, stress, diabetes, and other diseases.

Matcha Universe x My Fantasy Tea- Organic Vegan Healthy Matcha

All they want to know is, can Matcha fight obesity? It is the only question most of the obese individuals are asking and the answer is yes. Now, you may say that there are also other green teas that fight obesity, so why should you try Matcha tea. This article will explain why Whisk Matcha works better as a fat burner than the regular green teas. This revealed information will amaze you and you will immediately replace your regular green tea with Matcha.

Matcha VS regular green tea:

The Camellia Sinensis is the source plant for both Matcha and regular green teas. Now you may think why Matcha is different from other green teas? The processing method turns Matcha into the finest green tea. The producers first dry out the leaves and then grind those leaves to in the stone mills to produce a fine and velvety powder of the leaves. Other types’ green teas are not finely ground. Their tea leaves are crushed and then packed for shipping.

The finely ground Matcha leaves contain various nutrients, including amino acid, catechins, and a vast quantity of antioxidants. You consume 100% quantity of all the nutrients present in Matcha, when you drink this tea. It is simply impossible to consume 100 percent of the other green teas because you need to sift the tea through a sieve. A major quantity of nutritional green tea leaves is removed and thus you don’t get the full amount of the nutrients present in other types’ green teas.

The prepared Matcha tea looks green because it is prepared by mixing finely ground Matcha tea leaves in hot water (which is below boiling temperature). The green tea powder blends completely into the water and thus you don’t need to sift it. Consequently, you consume the whole Matcha leave and consume all the nutrients available in Matcha. It is a fact that Matcha contains a vast quantity of antioxidants that help you in fighting various severe health issues, including obesity. Thus, we can say that Matcha fights obesity better than other types’ green teas.

Comparing weight loss properties of Matcha with the regular green teas:

All the common users link green tea with weight loss without knowing what makes green tea capable of fighting obesity. It is EGCG, which offers potential weight loss benefits. The Matcha tea is called a powerhouse of antioxidants because it supplies 3 times higher quantity of EGCG than the regular green teas. The Journal of Chromatography had published a report in 2003 in which it had explained that how Matcha offers more EGCG than regular green teas and other health drinks.

The EGCG is a must needed compound for weight loss because it repairs the overall functioning of the metabolic system. You can burn a large amount of extra calories with boosted metabolism and regular exercise. The Matcha tea can speed up the weight loss process in your body and it would never cause any normal or serious side-effect as many other weight loss supplements cause. Many fitness experts have conducted studies to ensure Matcha’s weight loss properties. They had found that weight loss capabilities of the participants were increased up to 17%, when they were provided with two bowls of the Matcha green tea every day. Of course, the best results will be accessible only if you do exercise while taking the Matcha tea on a regular basis.

How to take Matcha tea for weight loss?

If you are thinking that you will need some additional ingredients like milk, honey, lemon, or sugar to prepare the Matcha tea, then stop thinking that. You need only premium Matcha tea powder and water and nothing else is required. First, take 1 tbsp Matcha green tea powder in a bowl and then add 1 tbsp water in the tea powder. Now you will need a Matcha tea whisk or Chasen to whisk the tea finely. Once the tea is whisked perfectly, add one cup hot (just below boiling temperature) water to brew the tea. Now stir the tea for 5-6 seconds and then take it. This is how Matcha green tea is prepared.

Many people spread rumors like Matcha tastes bitter and unappealing. These are just rumors because Matcha has a very distinct taste and you cannot call it a bitter taste. The premium grade Matcha would taste similar as regular green teas. You can add one tablespoon honey in the tea to improve its taste, which is not recommended for fat people. Pure Matcha tea is quite beneficial for weight loss and therefore you should take it in the recommended way.

Take Matcha for weight loss and it will provide a lot more than just weight loss:

As mentioned earlier in this post, Matcha green tea has got popularity for its capability of preventing and curing many dangerous diseases. You will take it because you want to lose extra weight. That is a great decision, but you will never know that the nutrients supplied by powdered Matcha tea leaves will improve your cardiovascular health, prevent cancer, cholesterol, diabetes, infections, and improve the performance of the immune system. All in all, Matcha will turn you into a healthy and happy person.

Nowadays, the health and fitness experts are researching on a wide range of ingredients like Garcinia Cambogia, Raspberry, etc. to find that super food, which can burn body fat faster without causing any side-effect. Unfortunately, many ingredients have shown positive results, but caused some serious and normal side-effects. The Matcha tea is probably the only super food that promotes weight loss and good health without causing any side-effect. It is a natural fat burner product that can be easily available all around the globe. So, you should buy the Matcha green tea and drink it daily to burn extra fat of your body.

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