Sodalite + Chakras

Sodalite + Chakras

Sodalite and Chakras 

Sodalite chakras are the following: the Third Eye chakra and the Throat Chakra. Both are linked to the upper part of the body which focuses on the mind down to the neck. Here’s a piece of brief information on what chakra is sodalite producing more on these two.

Third Eye chakra focuses on logical abilities and intuitions. I will bring energy to produce clear thoughts, and remove unnecessary things blocking the mind to think more. This chakra is helpful to those who want to focus on their desire and goals. It encourages the mind to control a situation some people can't handle.

While Throat chakra is best for balancing the motions. This chakra is also near the heart which composes feelings. It helps the heart from releasing so much anger, frustration, doubts, and jealousy. It lowers the expectation of the mind to negative issues that arise when that person is experiencing so much pain. It helps the circulatory system to maintain a healthy status. If these chakras are out of balance, people tend to be over-sensitive to others' opinions and look down on others to make themselves feel good. 



They are both an opener to the other world and connect to the higher realms. They bring energies to allow compassion, kindness, peace, truth, and love to enter and share the energy with others.

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