Sodalite Shapes and Forms

Sodalite Shapes and Forms

Sodalite Shapes and Forms

Sodalite Cluster

It is an amazing unique natural sodalite cluster. Commonly produced in Afghanistan best to house interiors, bathrooms, bedrooms, or living rooms. 


Sodalite Points

Natural sodalite points are divided into different weights and heights. These can be used as part of interior design inside the house and can be used with other gems for meditation, especially in bedrooms, bathrooms, and living rooms. This is also used as an accessory like a pendant in a necklace but in a smaller size.


Sodalite Tower – Melii Xii

Raw Sodalite Chunk

Unpolished or raw sodalite stones have different sizes and cuts but have the same power and abilities as polished sodalite. It can be used as a palm stone when meditating or getting into a competition as a lucky charm.



Sodalite Plates

Here's an example of sodalite plates, it has a beautiful display of colors and its rare sunset sodalite which is commonly found in Canada. This has a feature wherein, it has an added power to usual sodalite to heal more and enhances more self - confidence and self - esteem. It is also used as a creativity booster if you're not in the mood to paint, to think, or to write something to start your task or job. It is also so powerful that you can simply place it on your altar to charge your other ems and stones.



Sodalite Spheres

This is a polished sodalite spheres depending on your desired diameter but this is a 1.5" diameter commonly selling online or in physical stores. This can fit your palm for meditation, or on your altar. You can hold these sodalite spheres when undergoing treatment to ease the pain and to keep you calm.

Sodalite Mini Sphere - Exquisite Crystals


Sodalite Tumbled Stones

This kind of sodalite has a beautiful speckled mixture of blues and whites with a polished appearance. Like sodalite spheres, it can be used on your altar or palm for meditation and treatment. This has different shapes and sizes but with a smaller diameter than plates. 


Sodalite found with other minerals

Sodalite is a vein filling in plutonic igneous rocks such as nepheline syenites. It is also associated with other minerals such as leucite, natrolite, and cancrinite. Sodalite also has these minerals: Microline, aegirine, titanian andradite, nepheline, calcite, albite, baryte, sanidine, ankerite, and fluorite.


It is also associated with a sulfur-rich form of a mineral called Hackamanite. It is known to have pink or purple color and strong fluorescence. This is one of a special mineral included in sodalite because it has a unique optical property called tenebrescence is known as photochromism, in which its lovely colors will be saturated after exposure to ultraviolet light and then eventually fade.


Sodalite is also a member of a mineral group called "feldspathoids." It is known as a rare aluminosilicate mineral that contains calcium, sodium, or potassium.

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