Sodalite, The Thinker Stone !

Sodalite, The Thinker Stone !


For mind, consciousness, creativity, analysis, observation, and intuition, sodalite can handle such needs. That's why this crystal is called a Logic stone because of its ability to empower the mind and balance thoughts. It's your guide if you wanna go deep inside and discover your way out of negativity.


Sodalite healing crystals can break all the walls from distracting the mind. It expresses all levels of understanding where the mind can easily construct and identify problems or conflicts and come up with a clear solution. It allows your mind to receive new information and balance thoughts to perceive good communication and understanding.

With its calming energy, sodalite encourages you to avoid the worries of everyday life. With this power, it can give your mind more energy to see good perspectives. It will help your brain to release feelings of guilt and welcome acceptance and trust in yourself. By this time, you may identify the real purpose of your life and how to manage circumstances.



This is a perfect crystal for those who want to release anger and frustration. It calms not just the inside feelings but also helping the body physically. It will defend your mind for thinking of hurting yourself through actions. 

Sodalite healing properties can purify the organs and make them more efficient and work to their fullest position. It helps boost your immune system and protects you from common sicknesses. If you are experiencing constipation, this stone is a helpful companion for good digestion and lowers high blood pressure. 

It is also said to help those undergoing chemotherapy, wherein sodalite releases energy and deals with the side effects of the treatment. 

Sodalite is not only for treatment but also for those who have issues with their Endocrines, sleep problems, travel sickness, liver cleansing, and water retention. This stone has been prized for generations for its healing powers but not just emotionally, and physically, but for an overall outlook that can affect your health too.



When it comes to sodalite spiritual properties, it can balance and improve divination and psychic abilities. There will be an increase to your visions, clearing the paths of your journeying, and increased awareness. Any negative illusions will be removed from your thoughts. This can be a tool to help you meditate and speak out the truth. 

Sodalite is excellent in assisting astrologers, tarot readers, numerologists, and other oracles. This is an effective guide for inner travels through meditation and dream work. It can provide an access to the sacred laws of the universe. 



Sodalite Uses & Metaphysical Properties


Wearing Sodalite

Sodalite is one of the best stones used for making pieces of jewelry. Sodalite properties have a versatile characteristic where it can easily cut into different shapes and come up with a variety of accessories that helps the wearer express the truth and to communicate properly. You just have to be very careful on how to use sodalite jewelry especially if you are wearing one. This is very soft and easily scratched. It must be taken out immediately if you're already at home. 


Since sodalite has an attractive color, many women are taking advantage of wearing sodalite necklaces, sodalite bracelets, sodalite earrings, and different accessories made from sodalite. This is not as expensive as Lapis Lazuli or other semi-precious crystals but it will give the same attention to those who wear it.


Sodalite linked to Throat Chakra means it is best to wear in the upper part of your body to maximize the powers needed by the head part of your body. Keep it close to your mind and heart so the energies can easily connect to them. Sodalite benefits of wearing bring calmness and balance emotions every time it’s attached to your body.

It is advisable to remove those accessories when you're engaged in physical activities such as sports, household chores, and other activities that may scratch the stone. 

Others are making sodalite pendants and sodalite rings that will bring more attention because of its stunning colors.


Sodalite at Home 

To use the sodalite crystal at home, it is not good to wear some sodalite sets of jewelry but you can use palm stone sodalite for meditation. For communication and public speaking, this won't be effective at home since you don't need much confidence to express yourself alone. 

Using sodalite for home décor will be a perfect match for your needs. It will calm things around you and balance energies to maintain a peaceful environment inside your house. It is also a way to avoid arguments within the family and balance emotions for better understanding. 

Sodalite and feng shui can be more powerful because the stone can absorb energy from the Northeast part of the house that releases wisdom, and to the Southwest, for good relationships, You will have an idea of where to place the sodalite at home to energize the whole area.


Sodalite at Work 

Sodalite benefits at the workplace are a perfect fit for those who want to avoid arguments and express truth especially when there's no effective communication inside the workplace. Some frustrations are coming from work when they can't understand your feelings and avoid telling the truth about important matters inside your office. 


Mistakes are common problems in all jobs, but sodalite helps prevent making mistakes and focuses on the main ideas or thoughts the mind can give. Misunderstanding can easily be avoided when there are clear intentions and communication ahead of it. Sodalite's calming effect will keep you going confidently without dealing with negativity around you.

Meditation with Sodalite 

For sodalite meditation, you may simply wear it as an accessory close to your throat or heart to correspond to its chakras. You may also use palm stones, or sodalite figures inside your house and begin meditating. It will energize the whole area and remove 

Meditation with sodalite can also be used not just for self benefits but also for group work. It happens to be a tool to promote/secure friendship, common goals, purpose, and agreements. It will help increase feelings within the group and fix broken relationships. If you feel that someone is not honest with you, you may meditate with him/her using sodalite to express the truth.

People and relationships 

Sodalite powers help you remove unnecessary emotional baggage in your heart and mind for you to move forward. This is a helpful tool for those who want to move on from their past and begin the future with a clear mind and true purpose.

When it comes to relationships, sodalite enhances the confidence to speak out the truth and expresses the true emotions of both parties. It helps the relationship to grow and trust each other for balancing their energies and enhancing their understanding of better communication.

Some relationships are having a hard time telling their true feelings to their partner or family or friends. They are carrying so many emotions and sometimes they can't bear it. This stone is a great tool to get along and a strong foundation within the relationships. If you wanna express what you really and how you are feeling, this crystal is a perfect deal.


Sodalite Crystal Therapies 

Sodalite brings orders and calmness to both mind and body. This is highly effective to lessen fears associated with flying, take-off, and landing, and helps counteract jet lag.

If you're experiencing insomnia or other sleep issues, it is advisable to put a sodalite stone under your pillow to encourage a night of good and restful sleep. It is said to help banish bad habits and negative thinking patterns which you're able to think more and focus on what you're trying to express.

Sodalite crystal therapy is also recommended to those undergoing treatment like chemotherapy. It helps the body produce hormones and balances the production of blood. Most importantly, stabilizes energies and helps the body recover from side effects.

Sodalite is not just for treatment but it is also a fighting weapon against radiation damage. Other deficiencies of calcium can also be treated by sodalite. It gives the mind the discipline to be better inside and out. It is used to control body weight and bad body habits.

Athletes are also one of those who can assist by sodalite. It brings out the best on what they are into, not just physically but logically. It gives them endurance and motivation to move forward to their goals. Sodalite has more to offer, with a complete package in and out!

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