Hoping to spice up your energy, mood, metabolism and focus whereas lowering your sickness risk? Then look no additional than matcha tea. A member of the bush (green tea) family, matcha extremely stands out from the regular tea crowd in a way it's big, harvested, processed and ready similarly as for its health advantages.

The Growing

Shortly once they sprout, the tea leaves area unit lined with reed screens so that they will be big within the shade, that reduces the speed of chemical action. This method seems to extend the concentration of a variety of the health-giving properties of the tea.

The harvest home

The harvest of the matcha tea begins eighty-eight days once the primary day of spring, typically in early might. the primary harvest produces the highest-quality young leaves -- known as the "first flush." thought-about by connoisseurs because the finest in quality, style, and color, young matcha tea leaves area unit the chosen tea for ancient Japanese tea ceremonies.

The process

After harvest, not like alternative inexperienced teas, whisk matcha leaves area unit steamed, that helps stop oxidation and preserve the antioxidants within the tea. The matcha stems area unit removed and also the leaves area unit rigorously dry and ground into an awfully fine powder.

The Preparation

Steeping tea leaves in quandary makes regular tea. Matcha tea is formed by dissolving the fine matcha powder into a quandary, therefore you are primarily intense the whole tea. the perfect water temperature is around one hundred seventy-five degrees. historically, a special bamboo whisk known as a chasen is employed to properly stir and incorporate the powder into the water, however, a milk frother can work fine too.

The Taste

Matcha tea contains a complicated, rich, earthy, velvety-smooth and extremely slightly sweet umami flavor. If your matcha tastes bitter, it can be as a result of you wish to get a higher-quality tea or as a result of the water was too hot throughout preparation.

Serious tea drinkers ought to think about shopping for high-quality ceremonial-grade tea ANd investment in an electric kettle that permits you to pick a brew temperature. If you do not have a special kettle, simply bring your water to boil and permit it to chill for four to 5 minutes before adding the powder


Matcha conjointly works well in alternative preparations on the far side tea: Adding the powder to smoothies and alternative recipes can lend an inexperienced hue, tea flavor and a protracted list of health advantages.

The Health advantages

Green tea is in an exceedingly category of foods known as superfoods -- as a result of it delivers high levels of nutrients and offers powerful disease-lowering advantages. Matcha tea supports physiological condition in an exceeding range of ways:


Matcha creates a thermogenic result, which implies it boosts the body's rate, therefore, you burn a lot of calories. A study printed in the yank Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that the catechins in tea reduced body fat and down LDL cholesterol.

it is also been shown to support healthy blood glucose levels by the speed the conversion of carbs into straightforward sugars. this can be a vital profit, as a result of it's calculable that quite fifty % of USA citizens presently struggle with blood glucose instability.


Matcha tea supports the body's detoxification channels in an exceeding range of the way. The inexperienced color comes from a compound known as chlorophyll -- that is found in matcha in higher concentrations as a result of it's big within the shade. chlorophyll supports the body to get rid of toxins and serious metals.


Not like occasional, that is acidic, chlorophyll is alkalescent, that supports a healthy hydrogen ion concentration within the body. The pH scale conjointly means matcha will be gentler on the digestion.

Brain Function:

Buddhist monks have used matcha for hundreds of years to assist them to meditate for long periods of your time. Matcha contains high amounts of the organic compound L-theanine, which may improve concentration by promoting a relaxed focus.


The high levels of L-theanine may additionally scale back anxiety and support a balanced mood.


Matcha tea contains a bit quite double the maximum amount alkaloid as regular tea, however, but occasional. however the alkaloid is balanced out by the L-theanine, therefore it delivers a relaxed, targeted energy, while not that high-strung feeling.

Immune System: tea is wealthy in polyphenol catechins, that area unit powerful antioxidants, and free-radical scavengers. one amongst the foremost potent of the catechins is epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), that has been found in studies to supply protective effects against cancer.

A 2011 study found that the quantity of EGCG in matcha was 137 times above ancient Chinese tea.

Skin Health:

The free-radical-destroying capability of the polyphenols in matcha tea will defend your skin from environmental pollutants and ultraviolet harm to support anti-aging and cancer bar within the skin.

Oral Health/Breath: Matcha tea has medication properties, therefore it supports sensible oral health and will not leave you with occasional breath!

Beware if you choose the matcha caffe latte at your native coffeehouse -- it's most likely loaded with sugar and milk. Studies show that the catechins area unit less effective once consumed with supermolecule, therefore matcha tea is best consumed alone. If you would like a caffe latte, skip the sugar and escort a non dairy milk.

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