Giving Back

Tea Positivitea


Matcha Universe x My Fantasy Tea combines a passion for good tea with a passion for helping change people’s lives. When she was 18 years old, owner and founder Jacque'  participated in her first overseas trip. At the age of 24 she participated in her first overseas volunteer trip.


Being of an impoverished family, she rose very slowly and by her own merit.

At an early age, Jacque' made a commitment to help people on whatever level she could. Thus, International Matcha Universe x My Fantasy Tea was born to support the organizations with whom she had volunteered and created; $1 of every Matcha Universe retail pouch is donated to one of three non-profit organizations and $3 from every case of individually wrapped single-service teas (for use by restaurants, special events, and cafes) is also donated.

Jacque', a youthful kind hearted, tea loving entrepreneur traveled overseas to volunteer and chose 3 non-profit recipients with whom she worked first-hand. 


Happyville USA by The Jacque' Allen

Hence the Birth of Happyville  USA and K.I.N.D. (Kids In Need Of Direction)