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Earrings - Druzy Agate Healing Stone Slice with Gold Plating

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These one-of-a-kind Agate earrings are a gorgeous complement to any outfit. In addition to their beauty, they are believed to provide natural healing like:

  • Cleanse the aura.
  • Eliminate and transform negativity.
  • Improve concentration.

Our Agate Geode Druzy Dangle Earrings with 24k Gold Electroplated Edge earrings hang on surgical steel wires and are hand-plated with Gold foil.

As each piece is unique and one of a kind, please allow for variations in size, shape, and color of the stone that you receive.


Pink agate grounds to bring emotional, physical, and intellectual balance. Pink agate is said to harmonize the Yin and Yang.

Wear this stone for enhanced mental function and improved concentration, analytical abilities, and perception. Pink agate helps one to overcome negativity and bitterness of the heart and strengthens parental love and the bond between parent and child.

This stone is a promoter of love. It is used as a great neutralizer. It soothes anger and negative energy. It provides an underlying tone of confidence and support and helps us to move from a defensive state of mind to a calming and positive one. It is a color that helps us to realize our misconceptions and beliefs, which no longer serve us.


Orange agate offers emotional balance. Courage, balance, endurance to body, mind, and spirit. It smooths and stabilizes the aura. Helps the precision of inner sight.

Orange agate smooths and stabilizes the aura; it is a classic grounding stone for higher energies and helps you achieve a precision of inner sight.


Brown / Tan / Natural 

Brown Agate is comforting and protection stone, its soothing energy helps people that are lonely, grieving because of a loss, go through difficult times or when they are hurt.

This stone vibrates on a slower frequency than most of the gemstones but its energy has to strengthen and stabilizing properties.


Stability • Creativity • Efficiency • Perseverance • Protection

Use Purple Agate to stabilize your energy and relationships, focus your vision and efficiency, and enhance your creativity. Pair Purple Agate with Amethyst for truth-seeking, with Smoky Quartz for luck and stability, with Carnelian for active energy, or with Fluorite for survival and adaptability.


Blue agate is known to have great healing energies. It is believed that blue agate lessens negative energies or various stresses. It is said to release tension and to relax. Blue agate harmonizes your energies.

Blue agate is believed to lead you to the right path. It is also said to connect you to the higher realms.

Blue agate facilitates human relationships. Blue agate aids in smooth communication and empathy. Blue agate is useful to build deep trust and bond with others. It is effective for people who communicate with many people in daily life. This property can also apply to understanding one’s self and self-talk. Blue agate is the best gemstone if you want to know what you really desire or to recover your self-confidence.

Blue agate also helps to release past trauma and gives its wearer energy to move on. The gemstone helps you to recover from lethargy and apathy. It is also used to increase initiative, insight, intelligence, and concentration. Blue agate calms you and helps you to work with a cool head. It is useful for studying and exam-taking.


 White / Clear 

White agate is a stone of balance and release. ... For proponents of energy work and crystal healing, white agate is believed to be beneficial for mental issues, including everyday challenges such as frustration and anxiety. It is believed to stimulate the crown chakra and is often used to make worry stones.

Agate Family Properties
The agate family has thousands of members. The key aspects of agate are bands of microscopic crystals. These bands make stable, nurturing crystals that have strong energy. Agates help you to heal emotions such as repressed anger, bitterness, and emotional trauma. These are good stones for those who are willing to put in the work so they can have a strong foundation to start again. Agate aligns the mind, body, spirit, and psyche to help you center and feel calm.

All stones/jewelry are one of a kind

Item details & Approximate sizes:
• 24K gold electroplated dyed agate geode: roughly
• Gold plated brass V shape ear wire: 30mm back, 17mm front

Natural crystal contains some inclusions, cracks, scratches, chips, and discolorations.
Variations of size, weight, shape, and color present. 

Wipe gently with warm water with a soft cloth. Do not use any cleaning detergents, toothpaste, or antibiotic soaps.
Use a soft jewelry polishing cloth to restore shine from oxidation (tarnishing).
Avoid contact with chemicals, oil (lotion, perfume, etc), water, and direct sunlight to keep the color and plating last longer.
Store in a cool dry place with a soft surface

The color may differ from the actual item due to lighting, background, and monitor resolutions.
Photo images are enlarged.