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Frida Inspired white sage + Eucalyptus

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 So what is this sage realllyy good for ?

  • Clearing
  • Protection
  • Antimicrobial

Did you know California White sage is known to clear up over %90 of air born bacteria? Well it certainly does!

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A large bundle of earthy, aromatic California White Sage, to bless + protect your sacred space or home.


Uses beyond smudging:

~spell herbs
~candle magick
~altar offering
~add to herbal blends for soaking, smelling etc.

Matcha Universe Tip: Carry a bit of loose California White Sage, in a small jar or sachet with a bit of hematite to soothe headaches + provide a detoxifying + grounding influence.


Each smudge stick is 4"Long or more and approximately 1 1/4"