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CALM DE EF' DOWN - Sage Candle

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Get lit for a purpose. 


CALM DE EF' DOWN- Sage Candle 

For many many- many many many years, peeps have burned dried (what we call traditional) sage to bring peace & positive energy to a new home, for meditation, for the smell. The Jacque' Allen reimagines the ancient ritual with a splash of modern love with her high vibes candle. The heavenly scented soy wax blend features calmness.  

Calm De EF Down candle is topped with layers of dried traditional sage to ensure this candle looks as beautiful as it smells.


For Who:

Gift Giving.

- You or a friend who just moved into a new house.

- Someone who you know spirits can use a lift.

- Someone who needs removing of bad energy

- Give it to a friend who's just moved or someone whose spirit could use a lift. 



Don't be fooled. We are humble but we KNOW this is the flyest darn candle. It SMELLS GOOD too.

This is perfect for peace and Zen Shxt. Blessings, new hones, & 



Handmade in small batches with all-natural ingredients. Soy Wax+ cotton wick, plenty of ounces of love to burn for over twenty hours. Hand-poured in Galveston Island, Texas USA 

Pair this with our traditional sage, loose sage, and even our intention keychain.


Approximate  Burn Time:

4 Ounce - 20 hours

8 Ounce - 40 hours

16 Ounce - 75-130 hours



*Due to the handmade nature of this item, each is unique and will vary.*