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Yerba Blues - Sage Smudge Stick

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Yerba Blue's !



Yerba Santa : is an ancient herb used in many traditional ceremonies and rituals.

Used to- increase intuition, health, protection and setting boundaries. .

Smells woodsy scent and heart-opening properties it makes a beautiful combination with dried mullein flowers and statice.


Mullein combined with Yerba Santa:

Used to clear the lungs and reduce anxiety. Makes a wonderful house warming and ritual smudge.


Bundles may have variation in color and browning as drying process occurs.
All natural sage products are placed in plastic bags for transportation. They are not intended to be kept in the plastic bags. To prevent mold please keep in room temperature, not in extreme temperatures and not in sealed packages.

How to Use Your Smudge
The goal with smudging is not to have flames but smoke. It is the smoke that purifies and cleanses.

So once it is lit, use your hand or breath to blow the flame out if it doesn't go out on its own.

Then wave the smoke around whatever it is you'd like to purify. A feather or group of feathers is a traditional way to do this.

As the smoke moves around and up to the sky, imagine releasing whatever is not in your best interests. Let it go on the smoke. The sacred smoke will take these energies back to the Source, where they will be transformed into positive energy again.

You can pray and sing for the cleansing that you desire.

You will want to keep a bowl of sand or earth nearby. When you are done smudging, bury the burning end completely . . . Check back to make sure it is completely out.

This bowl is also useful for tapping loose burning embers into.

Fire Safety
Since you are burning things, be sure to use a fire-safe cauldron or other device. Putting sand in the bottom is a good idea. Also be aware of flammables nearby. Cloth underneath, or in a dangling sleeve, for example, can ignite from the heat.

If smudging indoors, excessive smoke will set off a smoke detector.

If smudging outdoors, be very careful in the dry season. A grass fire or forest fire is too much smudge for anyone!

Be aware that sparks do fall off, and can burn clothing, altar cloths, floors, etc. So use with caution.



Aside from an increased sense of calmness, the benefits also include increased well-being, clarity, optimism and physical energy. It’s best to use smudge sticks after having just cleaned and sanitized your home. Once you’ve gotten rid of physical impurities like dirt and dust, walk through each room with your smudge stick to cleanse the energies and leave your home feeling fresh both physically and spiritually.

Lavender cultivates peace of mind and restfulness! Something we all need ALWAYS!

• You will receive: 1 x  smudge stick per order (unless noted otherwise) measuring  around 3.5-5 inches.


• Keep in mind, since some of the items in this listing are handmade, slight differences or natural imperfections may occur.

• Need a few or a lot? Custom or wholesale lavender bundles available at affordable prices, contact us!