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MAD HUSTLE & A Dope Soul- Candle

MAD HUSTLE & A Dope Soul- Candle

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MAD HUSTLE & a DOPE SOUL candle is for those that vibe to their own frequency. 


You work, put others first, and you believe in doing what right. BUT, you finally realized ain’t nothing wrong with putting yourself first.


MAD HUSTLE & a dope soul is for you! 


 HEAL YEAHH simple.

Buy the candle, stay on your ish, and stay focused while doing so.


 We used the right oil and herbs to help get those haters away! We place them back to back and then create a strong spiritual barrier between you/your loved one and the person or people who are bothering you to separate them from you.


Buy For Anyone Who:

- Gift Giving.

- You or a friend who loves good vibes

- Someone who you know who knows the early bird gets the worm. 

- Those with a dope soul

- If you loves the color pink? 

- You or someone you know that loves making money

- Give it to a friend who's been considering the a entrepreneurial journey.


 So what it smell like? 

Smells like the beautiful side of the grind and grit!

Sweet and sassy but nothing to play with. Don’t let the glitter fool you, it’s strong! 


Don't be fooled. We are humble but we KNOW this is the flyest darn candle. It SMELLS GOOD too.

This is perfect for peace and Zen Shxt. Blessings, new homes

WARNING: Do not fall asleep with the candle lit, or your house will be lit 🔥 


Handmade in small batches with all-natural ingredients. Soy Wax+ cotton wick, plenty of ounces of love to burn for over twenty hours.

Hand-poured in Galveston Island, Texas USA #BOI


Approximate  Burn Time:

4 Ounce - 20 -30 hours

8 Ounce - 40- 55 hours

16 Ounce - 80 - 130 hours



*Due to the handmade nature of this item, each is unique and will vary.*


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