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Crystal Pendulums

Crystal Pendulums

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Crystal Pendulums

The most frequent approach to utilize a pendulum is to communicate with your soul through your guides or higher self by asking questions. The first time you use your pendulum, it will need to be programmed. Begin by keeping your pendulum close by for a few days so it can absorb your energy. Next, close your eyes, relax, and connect with your pendulum by holding it near to your heart.

When you program your pendulum, you create indications for "yes," "no," and "maybe." Hold the pendulum between your thumb and index finger with your elbow slightly bent, using the hand that feels most comfortable. Next, determine and illustrate which cues signify "yes," "no," and "maybe," such as side-to-side, front-to-back, clockwise, and counterclockwise. After you've programmed your pendulum, test it by asking it questions you already know the answers to. If the answers are incorrect, your pendulum must be reprogrammed.

When working with your pendulum, allow the natural vibrations of your body to move through your hand to the pendulum so it can show you the answer by amplifying the subtle vibrations from your subconscious, causing the pendulum to swing. Ask a question that can be answered with a “yes” or “no” response and observe the cue. Once you’re ready to move on, clear your pendulum by placing it in your opposite palm. Keep your pendulum in a safe place when it’s not being used.

Size Info

Pendulum Length: Approximately 1.125-1.5 inches,

Chain Length: Approximately 6.5 to 7.25 inches


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Please Note: This item is for one (1) piece, and the photo is an example of the product that will be intuitively chosen specifically for you. The size, color, and form of natural items varies. All crystal healing applications and metaphysical definitions are presented for educational purposes. Healing crystals are spiritual aids to healing and should not be used in place of traditional medical care.


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