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Peru- Cold Buster Herbal Tea

Peru- Cold Buster Herbal Tea

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Immuna- TEA ! 


Unlock the power of natural immunity with Peru, Immuna-Tea, a herbal blend carefully crafted to nourish your body, mind, and soul. Embrace the healing vibes and join the tribe of wellness enthusiasts who seek harmony and balance in every sip. This caffeine-free loose leaf tea is your ultimate companion on the journey to holistic well-being. Let's dive into the incredible benefits, enchanting taste, and handpicked ingredients that make Peru, Immuna-Tea a cup of pure bliss.

Oh you want something that's calorie-free, Fat-free, Gluten-free!? Keep reading ! 

🌿 Benefits: Unlock Your Potential

Peru, Immuna-Tea is your secret weapon in the battle against the common cold. Crafted based on a traditional European cold-busting recipe, this tea is infused with natural sources of vitamins and polyphenol antioxidants. Organic elderberry, echinacea, and tulsi holy basil work synergistically to provide a gentle daily immune boost, while calendula and valerian root promote restful sleep. Give your body the support it deserves, and embrace a healthy, vibrant lifestyle with this remarkable tea blend.


How much to use? 

1 tsp 
212 degree water
 time- 4-7 min






🌿 Benefits that Go Beyond Cold Remedy 🌿

Peru, Immuna-Tea is not just your ordinary tea blend. It's a lifestyle-friendly choice that caters to the needs of millennials, Gen Z, and all those seeking a health-conscious, hippie-inspired approach. Check out the impressive benefits:

💚 Cold Remedy Tea Blend: Elderberries and echinacea work hand in hand to lend a helping hand when you're feeling under the weather, providing relief from cold and flu symptoms.

💚 Lifestyle-Friendly: Our tea is vegan, paleo, and keto-friendly, accommodating various dietary preferences and helping you maintain a balanced lifestyle.

🌱 Sip on Nature's Goodness 🌱

Discover the natural wonders packed within every sip of Peru, Immuna-Tea. These carefully selected organic ingredients offer a powerhouse of health benefits:

🍇 Organic Elderberries: Long cherished in folk medicine, elderberries are known for their potential to alleviate cold and flu symptoms, making them a key ingredient in our blend.

🍂 Organic Cinnamon Bark: Used in traditional medicine, cinnamon may assist in different metabolic aspects, including insulin regulation, helping you maintain a balanced lifestyle.

🌺 Organic Rooibos, AKA Red Tea: This caffeine-free herbal delight, sourced from South Africa's Cedarberg mountain region, is packed with antioxidants and unique polyphenols. Its smooth and mild taste will leave you wanting more.

🌹 Organic Rose Hips: A rich source of vitamin C, rose hips have been known to reduce the length and severity of colds in certain groups, supporting your immune system.

🍊 Organic Orange Peel: Bursting with vitamin C, orange peel shares the benefits of reducing the length and severity of colds in certain groups.

💮 Organic Hibiscus Petals: Not only is hibiscus celebrated for its support of the cardiovascular system and relief of cramping, but it also boasts a potent source of vitamin C.

🌿 Organic Ginger Root: For over two thousand years, ginger has been used in traditional Asian medicine to combat nausea and support overall well-being.

🌱 Organic Ginseng Root: A time-honored ingredient cherished for its medicinal and culinary uses, ginseng root may contribute to improved sleep, cognitive performance, and diabetes management.

🌿 Organic Echinacea Root: Research suggests that echinacea can slightly reduce the risk of catching colds, offering an extra layer of protection.

🍃 Organic Tulsi Holy Basil Leaf: With its positive effects on stress, anxiety, and hematological health, Tulsi Holy Basil has long been popular in India.

🌼 Organic Calendula: This gentle flower holds potential benefits for rashes, infections, and inflammation, making it a valuable addition to our blend.

💤 Organic Valerian Root: Studies indicate that valerian root may promote restful sleep, ensuring you wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Experience the Harmonious Taste 🌿

Savor the delightful and balanced taste of Peru, Immuna-Tea. With its gentle herbal flavors, this caffeine-free tea promises a retro-inspired journey that will transport


Ingredients: organic elderberries, organic cinnamon, organic rooibos leaf, organic rose hips, organic orange peel, organic hibiscus, organic ginger root, organic siberian ginseng root, organic cardamom seeds, organic echinacea root, organic tulsi holy basil, organic calendula petals, organic lemon peel, organic valerian root, organic flavoring.

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