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Freakin Protect Me! - Evil Eye Keychain

Freakin Protect Me! - Evil Eye Keychain

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🧿  Evil Eye Keychain 🧿

We can’t lie, this particular Keychain reminded us of Frida. ✨


HEAL YEAHH you need it. 

You see, it’s a thing a called “Frenemies” and they’re the people who act like they’re you’re friends but they are really haters in disguise. 

Despite the evil eye differences in various cultures, the evil eye keeps roughly the same meaning no matter where the story is told.


Meaning Of Evil Eye Symbols 🧿

The evil eye symbol mainly promises to keep you safe and sound, which is the most important thing when it comes to fulfilling your dreams. There is no such thing more mystical than evil eye protection, as its rich “experience” in keeping people across the world feel secure is the most promising fact.

It is believed there are three evil eyes: The first is the unconscious evil eye. These hurt people and things without intention. The second intention is injury. The third is the invisible, most feared evil. It is believed that this eye saw all the evil in the world and eliminated poverty and ignorance.

We’re no history teacher but here’s a little history: 

The earliest known evidence suggests that the belief in the evil eye dates back to ancient Greece and Rome. Blue evil eye amulets date back to at least the 6th century BC in Greece. The blue color came from Egyptian glazed mud, which contains a high percentage of copper and cobalt oxides, turning it blue when baked.


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