Happy Ending - CANDLE
Happy Ending - CANDLE
Happy Ending - CANDLE


Happy Ending - CANDLE


See, what you are not about to do is- let them people stress you out.  - Kids? Oh yes! Day care - Family? Oh yes, Do not disturb - Spouse? Oh yes - act like you’re sleep!  -...


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Our Sanity candle is IT!

 This candle is one of the many reminders for you to take it easy. With all of the hustle & bustle (and Covid) that’s going on, the LEAST YOU CAN DO IS STAY SANE AND KEEP YOUR PEACE!

Stop allowing people to let you forget to take a moment to yourself. Unwind Chile, life is a long ride.

 So look, this candle isn’t gender specific, so don’t come for us. HEAL YEAHH it’s great for men, women, elephants and Unicorns! 

Has notes of heaven mixed with a little Jesus, salty, but won’t give you high blood pressure.

Aye, we heard you are looking for something to calm your mind & soul… AND THIS IS IT!

Subtle but fresh mixed with an airy aroma that will transform any space into the ultimate relaxation experience. This candle is the perfect way to create moments of unwind, stillness & peace.


 Smells Like: 

I’m, the best most delicious beach ever. Fresh, soft, and a pinch of masculine ish.


whatever you think Obama smells like, this is it. 

Not sweet, not super fruity, not super manly, but very refreshing! 

100% soy wax hand-poured candles!

Handmade is small batches with all-natural ingredients. We love our little furry friends. Our candles are Vegaon + Used with Soy Wax+ made with love. 


Hand poured in Galveston Island, Texas USA 


Approximate Burn Time:

4 Ounce - 20 hours- 34 hours

8 Ounce - 40 hours- 55 hours 

16 Ounce - 75-115 hours