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Labradorite Crystal - Eggs

Labradorite Crystal - Eggs

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Affirmation: I glow with the inner light that reflects my truest self. I cleanse my soul and protect my power. I am awake.

  • Protects the wearer from surrounding energies,
  • Deepens wisdom throughout the day
  • Gives you the ability calm 

Labradorite strengthens the holder’s mental acuity.  This gives the amazing ability calm the overactive mind, focus the attention, and bring awareness.   It is also known for its ability to access ancient knowledge aiding in spiritual awakening, self discovery, intuition, and the unlocking of psychic abilities, vision quests, and communication with other realms and spirit guides.  It is used in past life recall, memory recall, or inner conscious exploration therapies


Throat Chakra

Origin  Canada

In 1770, on the beautiful Isle of Paul, near Nain Labrador in Canada, a magical stone was found by Moravian missionaries.  It possessed a flash of color that displayed the entire color spectrum in one specimen. In ancient Inuit lore, a warrior noticed bright lights inside of rocks on the coast. He decided he wanted to free the lights, striking the rocks with his spear, and the Aurora Borealis was released into the sky. History tells of Labradorite being found by Europeans, but this powerful “Fire Stone” was also used for healing by the Eskimo Inuit and the Native American Inuu of Labrador. It has been said that individuals that are attracted to this stone are descendants of Atlantis.

Labradorite is well known to be the powerful protector or shield.  It is the “stone of shaman,” light workers and magic.  It’s labradorescence makes the stone glow beautiful hues of orange, blue and even green.  It is a powerful cloak and shield for the energy body, protecting the holder from external negative energies while strengthening the holder’s internal energy.

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