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Lemme’ Lone Intention Candle

Lemme’ Lone Intention Candle

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Oh they tripping!

We all have that one person or even people for that matter, who has been secretly working against you or your loved ones, blocking your path or involved in your life in a way that is not for your highest good, then this working will work toward getting them out and keeping them out!

LemmeLone Candle is great to remove an unhelpful person or persons from your life or the life of your lover, friend, or family member and keep them away.


HEAL YEAHH  it’s pretty simple.

The process? 

Oh, straight to the point chile.

We used the right oil and herbs to help get those haters away! We place them back to back and then create a strong spiritual barrier between you/your loved one and the person or people who are bothering you.


For Who:

- Gift Giving.

- You or a friend who just moved into a new house.

- Someone who you know spirits can use a lift.

- Someone who needs removing of bad energy

- Give it to a friend who's just moved or someone whose spirit could use a lift. 



Don't be fooled. We are humble but we KNOW this is the flyest darn candle. It SMELLS GOOD too.

This is perfect for peace and Zen Shxt,  Thise that’s fed up, new homes, & more. 

WARNING: Do not fall asleep with the candle lit, or your house will be lit 🔥 


Handmade in small batches with all-natural ingredients. Soy Wax+ cotton wick, plenty of ounces of love to burn for over twenty hours. Hand-poured in Galveston Island, Texas USA 

Pair this with our traditional sage, loose sage, and even our intention keychain.


Approximate  Burn Time:

4 Ounce - 20 hours

8 Ounce - 40 hours

16 Ounce - 75-130 hours



*Due to the handmade nature of this item, each is unique and will vary.*


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