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MONEY SHOT - Matcha Tea Refreshment

MONEY SHOT - Matcha Tea Refreshment

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 Heal Yeahh - where refreshment meets revitalization. 

MONEY $HOT is our refreshing elixir: Matcha Lemonade with a twist!  Get ready to level up your refreshment game with this hip, energizing blend packed with incredible ingredients!

Picture this: the zesty tang of fresh lemonade meets the subtle power of matcha, creating a unique and invigorating flavor combination that will make your taste buds dance with delight. But hey, don't worry if you're not a matcha fan - you won't even taste it, promise! It's our little secret ingredient that adds a burst of goodness without overpowering the refreshing lemonade vibes.

✨ But wait, there's more! Our Matcha Lemonade is designed to supercharge your day with natural benefits. We've added Ashwagandha, a superstar adaptogen known to help manage stress and promote a balanced mind and body. Lion's Mane Mushroom, a brain-boosting powerhouse, adds a touch of cognitive magic to keep you sharp and focused.

What makes this elixir even better? We've sweetened it with agave, a natural alternative that adds a touch of sweetness without any guilt. And of course, we've made sure to use alkaline water to keep you hydrated and feeling your best.

Cheers to a brighter, happier you! 🌟


usda organic label  gluten free label  non-gmo project label  vegan label  kosher label

Tea base: Green Tea + Super Matcha


  • + Ashwagandha
  • + Lion's Mane Mushroom
  • + Agave
  • + Lemon
  • + Alkaline Water
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