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Morganite Crystal Beaded Bracelet

Morganite Crystal Beaded Bracelet

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AFFIRMATION: I am loved by spirit. I am loved

The crystal of divine love and cleanses the mind of thoughts that do not support the giving and receiving of love


Morganite Meaning

Morganite is believed to bring healing, compassion and promise to those who wear it.

Morganite represents Divine love and compassion. Morganite opens the heart to the awareness of Divine Love, that natural resides in all of us.

It reminds us of the abundance of the heart as it allows us to release all wounds of the heart, heart aches and heart breaks.

Wisdom comes from the heart and Morganite assists us in touching this wisdom through forgiveness and compassion.

Morganite is bright and luminous in its vibration, casting a love energy to all who hold it or wear it. It is associated with the Angelic Realm.

Aquamarine is believed to be a treasure of the mermaids. Its luminous blue /green color offers a cooling, calming yet alert energy.

Aquamarine is a stone for clearing and activating the throat chakra. It assists one in speaking their truth. Aquamarine helps in balancing anger into expression.

Zodiac Signs

Morganite opens wearers to unconditional love while dissolving ego. Though not an actual birthstone, morganite is said to be an excellent stone for the zodiac signs of Pisces, Taurus and Cancer. 

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**Please note that each bracelet is unique in appearance as every one of us. Because all of our gemstones are cut from 100% natural stone, there is always color variation. Actual bracelet you will receive might not look exactly the same as the one shown in the pictures above, but the color will be similar. We only stock quality gems.

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