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Que Sera (Llanite) Egg Crystal

Que Sera (Llanite) Egg Crystal

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Oh so you need a little calmness in the mist of your storm? HEAL YEAHH Que Serra is the right one for you! 

Great for when you’re

- stressed

- in need of calmness and serenity

- bringing a friendly and attractive vibration that reaches out to you.


Work Life: 

- helps with groups of people like a negotiator, liaison& project managers

- handling tense situations between people


Origin - TEXAS 
Chakra - Heart & Third Eye
Zodiac - Aquarius & Sagittarius 


Also known as Que Sera, Vulcanite, & Llanite 

✨ Stone of compassion

✨ Great for understanding,  peace, & harmony 
❤️ Opens, activates, and heals the Heart Chakra to open our hearts to others and heal our emotional connection to ourselves


💕Also helps with the Third Eye Chakra to offer us a connection to divine wisdom and insight.



Let me guess, you’re in love and want to learn more? 
Cool beans. 

Heres more facts about this beauty: 

This gemstone helps us to stop dwelling on current, past, or future life problems, and shifts our focus to finding productive solutions to problems. Llanite enables us to “disconnect” from the emotional baggage of an issue and look at it objectively. This allows us to determine the actual cause of the problem and find a resolution. This crystal also helps us release unnecessary attachment to problems of the past.


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