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Super soothing + Super Sexy 

SEXY MOFO Herbal Tea, is the epitome of indulgence and self-care. Immerse yourself in the exquisite beauty of pure rose buds and petals.

With its full rosy taste, enchanting aroma, and golden infusion, this soothing herbal tea is a sensory delight. Not only does it offer a light, sweet flavor, but roses are also known for their potential benefits, including improved digestion, blood circulation, nourished skin, and uplifting moods.

With its flowery aroma, light sweetness, and golden infusion, Sexy Mofo offers a calming experience that elevates your day. Let the power of roses improve digestion, nourish your skin, and uplift your mood.

Freaking delicious, light, and kind of sweet, naturally. To be honest, Sexy Mofo even makes you feel a little bougie because of the golden infusion.

An excellent refresher, with calming qualities? HEAL YEAHH you need it!

Purchase now, drink later. 



Made with our Sexy Mofo Tea

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