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Sodalite Cubes

Sodalite Cubes

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AFFIRMATION: I am courageous and confident.

Sodalite is called the Stone of Truth, Intuition and Endurance. It is recommended for writers and athletes as it helps one accomplish long term goals and breaks creative blocks. As a throat chakra stone, it helps the wearer discern truth and encourages you to speak your truth. It helps you to stand up for yourself while strengthening self-esteem.

Sodalite encourage intuition – especially Clairaudience. Recommended for sensitives who get overwhelmed by other people’s emotions. It encourages focus and discipline. The gentle blue stone helps calm anxieties and worry


- Enhance self-expression

- Soothes & calms your spirit

- Gives strength to your intuition


Metaphysical Properties:

- Helps with logic and understanding
- Aids in the learning process
- Assists with communication
- Useful for honesty of emotions and love


Sodalite - Third Eye Chakra — Improves our ability to focus on goals and see the big picture

Sodalite Crystal Meaning

Sodalite benefits are all about expressing the truth, logic, and inner peace. Its properties are deeply connected to the heart which has a big part of its meaning. It naturally calms the heart which is easier to achieve inner peace. Sodalite powers called a calming effect also help the mind to enhance energy giving your mind the power to think and function.

It is one of the best tools for meditation and deep journeying. It leads insights into the self and an honest evaluation of one's strengths, motivations, weaknesses, patterns of destiny, and gifts. It enlightens the mind to allow new information to be received and increases consciousness, idealism, and to exert oneself vigorously for truth.

Sodalite Healing Properties

Feelings and Emotional Healing 

Great for those who need emotional care.

- Brings emotional balance + calms panic attacks along & rational thought

- Helps with objectivity, intuition, truth, and enhances self esteem, self  trust, & self - acceptance.

The deep blue and indigo colors of Sodalite represent honesty, logic, respect, and balancing thoughts. It gives the wearer integrity to his/her emotions and expresses the truth. It serves as a friend who comforts you whenever you need a compliment. It also encourages discipline and will in one's personal life. It happens to find a way to be efficient in your daily task which can help promote self-confidence. Sodalite emotional healing comes with the ability to treat mental confusion, traumas/phobias, and ease anxiety. If you're experiencing those kinds of emotional abuse, you may wanna try to keep sodalite near you.

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