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Stress is a Mess- Anti Stress Flute Incense

Stress is a Mess- Anti Stress Flute Incense

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HEAL YEAHH nawl these aren't made with chemicals! 

Nothing can disturb the serenity of a mind at peace. Nothing can disturb the serenity of a mind in harmony with the herbal, woody notes of this fragrance, at once comforting and refreshing.

Each stick has an approx. burn time of 30-50 minutes.

  • Burn Time: Approx. 30-50 Minutes
  • Stick Size: 9"
  • Packaging:20-25 sticks per pack 

100% natural and contains pure herbs. 


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Oh so you need the 411!? 

What are Incense? Incense are made from organic material that release a fragrance when burned. Incense have been used for thousands of years starting with Egyptians who used them for rituals, warding off evil spirits, repelling insects, and simply to cover up bad odors. Nowadays you will find incense used in meditation, in homes for their calming affects, and in stores to set a certain ambiance. They come in different shapes, colors, scents, binding material, and some require different methods to burn.

History of Incense: The history of incense begins more than 6000 years ago. It matches with the appearance of the first great civilizations of Mesopotamia and Egypt. Since its origin, incense is considered as one of the first fragrant materials to have been used by humans.

The smoke of incense is symbolic purification. It also symbolizes the prayers of the faithful. It is an outward sign of spiritual realities, which is why it has its place in Christian liturgy.

Different strokes for different folks, but...
Over the centuries and into the present day, people throughout the world have used incense for a variety reasons, including as a: component of various religious practices. tool to counteract bad or disagreeable odors. way to repel demons or evil spirits.
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