Tumbled Crystals

Tumbled Crystals

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Weight Range (grams) : 5.6 - 8.6
Size Range (cms) : 2.3 - 3.4


Red Jasper : Root Chakra

Calms emotions & minimize anxiety.  Great when dealing with stressful and difficult situations.

Maintains mental & physical health, calms overactive minds, & focuses attention on matters of importance.


The Ancient Egyptians considered it to be a stone of strength and resilience because the color resembled blood.

Picture Jasper: Stone of vision.

Picture jasper is a variety of mudstone found in many locations around the world.  This piece was cut from material mined in the United States.

What it do babyy? 

- Helps bring harmony to your life on many levels + soothing stone that brings peace and serenity, providing comfort to those who are grieving due to the loss of someone or something in their life.

- Diminishes feelings of loneliness, guilt or anxiety by encouraging you to focus on the present moment while clearing your mind + good for grounding the free-flowing emotions of those who have suffered a traumatic event.

Flower Jasper:   Known as Flower Wood Jasper and Chinese Flower Jasper

Lift spirits + bring joy

Nurturing our inner desire for calm with our outer desires. It is believed to shield us from dangerous situations and balance those tendencies with the desire for variety, adventure and new experiences

Coquiana Jasper

Helps us connect with and make contact to our guides and our angels.

Very protective & stabilizing effect that allows us to restore our energy levels and take a few deep breaths of relaxation!

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