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Love Me Bishhh Unconditionally - Rose Quartz Candle

Love Me Bishhh Unconditionally - Rose Quartz Candle

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Unconditional Love- Rose Quartz


-is often pushed aside, forgotten about or maybe we even feel guilty about having time to indulge in it...but it is so important. Our spirits need a time of rest, as do our bodies and minds. It's time to shift your mind, and uplift your soul with this candle.

- As you focus on what you DO WANT from love, in any area of your life, it will come to you.

Use this candle as a tool in helping you find some Self Love time.

Attract Universal Love into your life with our our handmade elegant Rose Quarts Candle.

- Poured with love, positive affirmations and healing intentions to transform any space into a warm and loving environment.


Heart Shaped Rose Quartz Crystal

- Can be used for meditation, intention setting, spiritual rituals, and every day life to help set your intentions regarding love of all kinds. After cleansing and programming your crystals carry them around with you and if you ever feel unloved, find your crystals to remind yourself you are loved.

- If you love someone and want to let them know give them the Rose Quartz to remind them of you.

- Light this intention candle to promote self love, mindfulness, and healing.

- Crystals have been charged


Handmade with a premium soy blend.

Why should you buy our SOY candles?

* Soy is a renewable natural resource so there’s no limit to how much you can make or use.
* Safe to use around children and pets and safe for the environment as soy wax is carbon neutral.
* Soy wax is 100% pure vegan so therefore does not contain any animal byproducts.

About 80-90 hours burn time. (8.5ounce)


Made in United States of America


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