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Selenite Double Tower

Selenite Double Tower

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Selenite Rough Stones


Selenite is not only a protective stone that will keep the negative energies away, but it can also heal your body with the healing energies that it possesses.

Selenite is one of the best cleansing stones.

Wholesale bulk lot of beautiful natural raw White Selenite sticks from Morocco.

These wands have a wonderful energy - strong and calming at the same time. They have a wide variety of uses including grids, crystal healing, reiki, cleansing other crystals, protection, chakra work and meditation - to name but a few!

As this is a natural item please allow for slight variance +/- especially width.

Selenite scratches, chips, dents, and fractures very easily. Due to its soft nature, please expect all Selenite products to have some minor 'imperfections'. As such you may notice some loose particles in the wrapping / shipping box - this is quite normal.

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